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We have been in this business since 2012 with an established presence in the renowned market of the Surat- The Textile Hub under the name “HONEY LACE” – Mitesh Leswala being our prime mover. Our retail outlets are well known in export houses and garment manufacturers. We specialize in supplying high-quality products to fabricators and apparel manufacturers. We deal in categories such as Multi-thread Lace, Sequence Lace, Double Sequence Lace, Four Sequence Lace, Pom-pom Lace, Neck, Braids, Fringe Lace, and other laces tailored/personalized as stated by the client’s/buyer’s stipulation. Moreover, our merchandise is useful in numerous correlated businesses such as Fabrics, Décor, Sofa, drapes, Curtains & some pious clothing. Our product expertise and knowledge are deep with a keen focus on new and emerging trends in the world of fashion. Our shopping portal embraces a bulk buyer as well as an individual customer to meet their fashion needs.

Our Skill

“HONEY LACE” is a young and vibrant establishment that aims to disrupt the entire procurement process for the lace industry. What we love most about our work is the love, passion, and creativity involved… The absolute magic that our customers all over the country along with those from far-flung countries are conjuring up with our components. Furthermore, we ensure that our business unit is a one-stop-shop for all innovative and lucrative designs. We are in it for the long haul, planning to have many different products on our shelves, and intend to keep growing.

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We cater to the explicit needs of the industry

Dynamic in Product discovery

Find the latest designs on the market instantly. Choose from 1000s of products


Find everything you need under the same roof.

Quality Assurance

We have extensive Quality Check up colour matching at -
(a) The production stage.
(b) Cutting and finishing stage
(c) Packing stage

Flexible Packaging

We do our utmost best to hand over the product at your earliest convenience, our order fulfillment and delivery teams ensure that your products reach you as soon as they are ready whilst our customer engagement team believes in supportive collaboration with our clients for mutual growth.

Malleable packing for transoceanic client’s-At-present we’re delivering flexible packing to our Dubai, Jeddah & Egypt-based customers.

Through an extensive supplier network, we are able to ensure that shape, size or color never becomes a limiting factor for our clients. Our product expertise and knowledge are deep with a keen focus on new and emerging trends. Using technology, we are bringing the latest products to your doorstep, you will always find something new on our website.
We admire the lovers of art and craft and are willing to ship our products to every corner of the world.

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